Our Services

Property law

Conveyancing / Mortgage financing / Refinancing

Our conveyancing team advises on and handle all aspects of property transactions in Singapore, including sale and purchase of private properties, both residential and commercial, as well as HDB flats, leasing of properties as well as financing/re-financing/redemption of properties. We also provide advice to our clients on the preparation of Options to Purchase, contracts for sale/purchase and tenancy agreements.

We represent individual buyers and sellers, corporations and for a large number of banks and financial institutions. We have also established close ties with many property agencies and we work closely with these business associates to better serve the needs of our clients.

Property disputes, Landlords and Tenants

It is no secret property is transacted in relatively high frequency in Singapore. Invariably, disputes can arise over the condition of the property, the encumbrances over the property or as to completion of the S&P. Our litigation team is able to assist and render the necessary services.

We have also rendered services for acrimonious landlord and tenants relationships.

Criminal Law

3 of our 4 directors are veteran criminal law practioners, with the youngest having an excess of 10 years of practice experience in this field. Our Mr Anthony Lim and Mr Mervyn Tan have conducted many successful criminal trials and appeals of varying nature and complexity.

Family Law

We provide a full range of services for cross-border matrimonial matters, custody, adoption, divorce, annulment or family violence. Our litigation department endeavours in this area, to walk together with each respective client patiently and earnestly and professionally, so that in providing the needed legal services, we are able to reduce anxiety, despair and other negative emotions.

Civil and Commercial

Be it a multi-million import/export deal gone wrong or a simple debt to be recovered, our team is able, having the knowledge and commitment and experience, to be your legal counsels.

And, this will include making or resisting claims for damages/losses arising from property damage or personal injuries. 2 of the most common are those resulting from motor-vehicle accidents and worksite accidents. Another aspect of Tort Law, Defamation is an area we are equipped to assist.

Probate & Administration

Our firm handles the legal work for such matters in the form of extracting on clients’ behalf, Grants of Probate and Grant of Letters of Administrations. Our team is capable to handle contested issues. Naturally, drafting of Wills and other documents for Estate planning purposes are part and parcel of the Probate and Administration services extended.

Administration may also be needed when persons cannot take care of themselves and/or their affairs. Court processes are required for the appropriate committee or order(s) to be made, and we are here to assist.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency and Others

Our litigation services extend to Winding-up of a company. Similarly we also assist some clients to resist any such applications. It applies to individuals for bankruptcy proceedings. Further, we also provide litigation services for debt restructuring through schemes, arrangements or special management that require court approval before implementation. Our services in this respect extend to co-ordination with an appropriate account/auditor of your choice to align the financial and commercial realities of the debt restructuring to how the same is to be presented by lawyers to the Court and as directed by the Court.

Company, shareholders and partnership

Whether it be a dispute in a partnership, a minority shareholder’s dispute or a derivate action or any other company litigation action required, we are ready to serve you best we can.